I’m Writing a Book!

Yep you heard it — I’m writing a book. My first. I’m super excited and obviously a bit scared. Going all in on this writing thing will be a big test of my discipline and storytelling abilities, but I think I’ve picked a good place to start.

I’m going to tackle the mental health crisis in the Western World from an evolutionary biology perspective, showing why we’ve been taught to live in ways that are fundamentally counterintuitive to our well-being.

The current working title is Alone: What Evolution Got Wrong.

I plan to dissect the issue from multiple angles, focusing around 1) the growth of cities as the socially predominant means of living (along with how changes in how we eat, breathe, and move) 2) social media as our primary means of self-cultivation and expression 3) the rise of the internet as our predominant means of entertainment and distraction, specifically through parasocial relationships and 4) the general lack of maturity and responsibility (and thus purpose) that my generation’s privileged upbringing has afforded us.

I’ll obviously include my own personal perspective on how I’m able to see this issue as someone who comes from abuse and dysfunction, with some suggestions on how we can tackle it, the first of which is to stop chasing happiness and start chasing peace.

I’m extremely excited to get started on this, but won’t be posting here for a while as I start making drafts. My goal is to shop the book around once I’m finished and get it published.

If you know anyone in the space or have ever published yourself, drop a comment! I’d love to chat and pick your brain.

With love and stay tuned,




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Carter Owen

Carter Owen

Aspiring author and humble observer of human behavior writing from NYC — sharing my journey and what I’m learning along the way. Think more, feel better.